Pure quality is the foundation of our product system, and offers a range of advantages.

Disinfection up to

99.999 %


  • Up to 99.999 % germ reduction – highly effective against bacteria, yeast, viruses and mold
  • Sustainable, chemical-free disinfection – no residues, no AOX 
  • Excellent quality assurance – unwanted microorganisms are reliably inactivated
  • No resistance build-up – even effective against germs resistant to conventional disinfection
  • Dry process – no moisture
  • Temperature-neutral – no heating of media or surfaces
  • Cost security – purchasing costs are easy to calculate, with low maintenance costs

hpf technologie

Service life of up to

16.000 h

UV-C emitters

  • Long service life – At 16,000 operating hours, the long service life of a UV-C emitter ensures consistent good disinfection results.
  • Very high UV-C output – Emitters are optimized for every application, whether cold, warm or hot, thereby ensuring a consistently effective disinfection process
  • HPF technology – specialized reflectors allow for targeted, precise disinfection and provide a 2.5x boost in performance over conventional UV-C emitters
  • Moisture protection – most equipment and emitters are protected against moisture, wetness and water jets up to IP69K, thanks to a specialized moisture seal
  • Splinter protection – emitters and quartz glass have splinter protection for special requirements 
  • Simple maintenance – customers can exchange emitters very easily with the help of a screw-in socket

High-quality stainless steel



  • High-quality stainless steel housing – all equipment is constructed from high-quality stainless steel (V4A/V2A) and is completely rust-proof, acid and base resistant
  • Water spray protected – to ensure safety, the electronic ballast is integrated into the housing and fulfills a rating of up to IP68/IP69K
  • Service display – most equipment is designed with a visually revisable emitter exchange display
  • Status notification – as an optional feature, our equipment can include a potential-free monitoring output
  • Simple operation – we work to ensure operation is self-explanatory
  • High quality – all equipment undergoes a three-stage electrical and functional inspection before shipping
  • Adaptability – our equipment is adjusted to its environmental conditions
  • Hygienic design – a well thought-out design ensures simple, reliable wet cleaning
  • Quick retrofitting – Our equipment and modules are designed for quick retrofitting; they offer easy and flexible installation and can even be integrated into existing work processes 


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Pure Innovation

Product categories

By the innovative technology of UV disinfection there are deriving direct advantages for the operator: